Cultivating a Better World Together: Chipotle Cultivate Foundation’s New Donation Match Initiatives

In 2011, we established the Chipotle Cultivate Foundation to extend our commitment to Cultivating a Better World in the communities we serve. Over the years, the Chipotle Cultivate Foundation has contributed over $5 million to like-minded organizations that share our commitment to improving the well-being of people, food, animals, and the environment.

This year, the Chipotle Cultivate Foundation is proud to introduce two new initiatives: the "Chip In" and "Dish Out" donation and volunteer match programs. These programs are designed to encourage, recognize, and reward the incredible efforts of eligible Chipotle employees who are dedicated to Cultivating a Better World by donating their valuable time and hard-earned money to charitable organizations.

These programs mark a new chapter in our ongoing mission to Cultivate a Better World. We are incredibly proud to amplify the positive contributions of Chipotle team members and to support nonprofit organizations that matter most to them.

Together, we can make a real impact and continue to drive meaningful change.