Our ongoing commitment to animal welfare

Integrity is more than a word–it's a commitment. At Chipotle, we're not only committed to making real food from real ingredients that you can pronounce but also raising the bar for how we responsibly raise the animals for our protein and dairy. We never allow sub-therapeutic antibiotics and our network of farmers raise animals with care and compassion, for them and the environment, and avoid antibiotics for prophylactic, or preventative, use.

In fact, in 2018, 100% of our chicken and beef met the No Antibiotics Ever standard. 100% of our pork and dairy met the No Sub-Therapeutic Antibiotics standard and 72% of our pork met the more stringent No Antibiotics Ever standard. Real isn't just a way of sourcing, cooking, and eating. Real is a way of acting in the world. Real food. Real care for animals and the environment. For real.