Our ongoing commitment to animal welfare

Integrity is more than a word–it's a commitment. At Chipotle, we're not only committed to making real food from real ingredients that you can pronounce but also raising the bar for locally sourced produce and responsibly raised animals. We source cheese and sour cream from pasture-raised cows that are never administered rBST, and meats from animals that have no added hormones and that do not receive non-therapeutic antibiotics. In 2021, antibiotics were never administered to the animals used for our beef and chicken, and for 87% of our pork. Animals that are sick get the medical treatment they need in all cases, and although most of our suppliers remove animals that have received antibiotics from our program, 13% of our pork in 2021 came from farms that allow pigs to stay in our program even if they received antibiotics to treat a diagnosed illness.

Real isn't just a way of sourcing, cooking, and eating. Real is a way of acting in the world. Real food. Real care for animals and the environment. For real.