Juneteenth 2020

Today, Friday, June 19, we’re celebrating Juneteenth to commemorate the effective end of slavery in the United States and take a stand against the injustice that continues to impact the Black community. Awareness is the first step toward creation of an equal society, so let’s be part of the solution by taking action.

And taking action is exactly what we’re doing here at Chipotle:

  • A new Employee Resource Group has been formed. This multicultural Employee Resource Group (ERG) will be focused on creating opportunities for diversity and inclusion awareness, learning, community outreach and providing equal opportunity and support for career growth opportunities in an environment that is free from discrimination and inequality.
  • We’re supporting change at a local level. We will be pledging $250,000 to improve our communities through grants that the Chipotle SERVES ERG will coordinate for Restaurant Managers throughout the U.S.
  • We’ll provide access to voter registration and education on the importance of voting and why every vote matters. Systemic changes happen at all levels of government. Voting at the local, state and federal level can drive progress and put leaders in office who share our employees’ values.
  • We’re giving back. We recently pledged $1,000,000 in support of organizations advocating against issues like racism and inequality, starting with $500,000 going directly to the National Urban League, an organization dedicated to supporting the Black community. On June 18, we launched a feature on the Chipotle app and Chipotle.com offering guests the opportunity to round up their bill to the next highest dollar amount at checkout to donate to these organizations, beginning with the National Urban League this month.
  • We’re listening to our employees. Our Listen In sessions—where all employees are invited to share their thoughts about what’s happening all over the world and how we can better live our purpose of Cultivating a Better World at Chipotle directly with members of our Executive Leadership Team (ELT)—kicked off two weeks ago and will continue throughout the summer.
  • At Chipotle, the entire company is committed to standing up for what’s important, even when it’s hard. We hope you’ll join us in Cultivating a Better World by doing what you can to create a more equal society over the coming days, weeks and years.